The Polygon family of companies is among the most well–established and highly respected group of home builders in British Columbia.

Locally owned and operated since 1980, the Polygon family of companies has built more than 26,000 homes throughout the Lower Mainland, ranging from concrete high–rises to wood-frame condominiums, townhomes and single–family communities. Polygon is also active in the construction of new single family homes through its sister company, Morningstar Homes.

In order to stand securely, a building requires a firm foundation. The Polygon family of companies is founded on four values that form the core of how we do business – we call these the Polygon Foundations.

1) Trust

We believe that trust is a privilege built over many years and many homes – a trust that is accrued through the delivery of quality workmanship, superior customer service, community and industry leadership, and the promise of integrity in all our dealings. A fixture of strength and consistency in the dynamic Vancouver real estate market, Polygon strives to reinforce our presence as a trusted home builder of choice.
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2) Sincere Care

We understand that to build trust, we must first demonstrate our desire to listen and our ability to care. This means recognizing and meeting the needs of new home purchasers and anticipating the requirements of the communities in which they live. This means building a quality home and providing the most exceptional level of service to our customers. As one of the only residential home builders in British Columbia to have its own sales, development, construction, and customer service departments all under one roof, we are truly committed to serving our customers every step of the way.
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3) Forward-Thinking

From innovation in floor plans and interior design to leading the industry in New Generation building practices that have established the highest standards in rainscreen and building envelope technologies, we are committed to finding better ways of doing business. We benefit from the knowledge we have gained over the last 27 years – and so do our customers.
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4) Environmental Responsibility

Long before ‘Going Green’ became trendy, Polygon made the commitment to build homes with an enduring connection to the land and communities where we do business. More recently, we increased this commitment by launching a sustainability program, led by a committee of our Senior Executives. Through established guidelines and a well–defined process for decision-making that puts sustainability as a top priority, our goal is to reduce Polygon’s environmental footprint – from our Head Office through to each construction site.
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