Customer Service

The Polygon family of companies are among the most well established and highly respected home builders in British Columbia.

Vancouver-owned and operated since 1980, the various Polygon companies have built more than 26,000 homes throughout the Lower Mainland, ranging from concrete high-rises to wood-frame condominiums, townhomes and single family communities. Along the way, we’ve earned the trust of thousands of families through our focus on quality design, sound construction and exceptional customer service.

Homeowner Orientation

Shortly before you take possession of your new Polygon home, a customer service field manager will lead you through a detailed, room-by-room orientation. You’ll learn all the ins and outs of your new home, any special instructions for your appliances and home systems, maintenance, and cleaning tips, and lots of other helpful information. Your Polygon Homeowner’s Manual contains most of this information, and provides a place for you to keep notes, appliance warranties, and all other material relevant to your new home.

During your orientation, you’ll also learn how the customer service request process works, and you’ll get a chance to have all your questions answered. With your customer service field manager, you’ll inspect every room of the home to look for any items that need attention. These will be addressed immediately, so you can move into a home that satisfies you 100%.