When interior designer Celia Dawson and her team at Polygon Homes approached their work on the display suite at R + R, they aimed to appeal to a crowd of young buyers with an appreciation for urban chic.

It was only later she realized her work was as much a tribute to the condo community’s serene Fraser River surroundings as it was a model of contemporary, clean style.

Visitors to the display suite will immediately notice the chandelier above a dining table. Resembling a figurative wave, it could also be seen as a sculptural interpretation of a flexible fish skeleton, poised as a centrepiece.

On its own, the light fixture is attractive and unusual enough, but in context, it speaks volumes about the home’s locale: the calming riverfront of Vancouver’s River District.

“I love the light fixture,” enthuses Dawson, Polygon’s senior vice-president, interior design.

“Subconsciously, the area must have influenced our look. We set out to prepare a home that was young, contemporary and yet West Coast in feel. Our finishes are all today’s comforts and style.

“The decor is uncluttered and comfortable with just a touch of urban chic, like the chandelier and the cowhide rug.”

In the bedroom, an elaborate horizontal wood design covers an entire wall, meeting the window drapery’s vertical lines in the corner, a complement of opposites. Dawson chalks up her inspiration to “perhaps a playful rhythm … the rippling of the waters, the log booms.”

At the same time, natural materials help the kitchen and bathroom evoke a sense of luxury, thanks to the marble in the shower area and on the kitchen backsplash. Dawson says marble is definitely one of her favourite materials.

“Marble is a natural stone that exudes calmness. As a backsplash in the kitchen, it is elegant and luxurious with contemporary notes. In the shower, it is luxurious and adds a note of ‘Italian spa.’ ”

Polygon is no stranger to building in riverfront communities. With every new development, the company and its designers have taken cues from homeowners on how to please those in the next community they construct.

R + R, for instance, has walk-in spa-like showers with frameless glass doors and integrated appliances in the kitchen. Dawson says when the developer makes changes in its suites in a new community, it always comes from long-range planning and diligence.

“We are always listening to the market, always (considering) what our other developments have found to be successful.

“(When homeowners say) ‘it would be great if,’ … then we listen. We research. We try our best to build to what our purchasers are asking for.”

The Province