Ahhh… the sweet sound of school bells! With September approaching it is time to get your home and kids rooms ready for back to school. Here are some ideas from Polygon Interior Design:

Scholarly Space

Does your child love Mario brothers, cars or have a passion for the globe? Why not make it easy for your child to spend time in their room by theming it. Allocate a corner in the room as a child study area. Outfit it with a desk, a computer and plenty of shelving for books, toys and personal items all within arm’s reach. Save the video game system for the family room so kids can focus on school work.



Storage is the key to a well-planned child's room. A child will be more apt to read a book if he or she can see the illustrations on the front cover and many kids' bookcases are designed to show the face of books. Clear canisters look great as dresser-top storage for kids' favorite small toys. When they're past the crayon-and-army-men stage, the same containers can be used for storing hair accessories, belts or art supplies.

When organizing think about having things down at the level of the child so the child does not always have to ask you to get the toy out. I also suggest making the most of storage under the bed. Rolling bins or drawers that fit under a bed are ideal.

Install shelving units or even kitchen cabinets for hidden storage. The insides can accommodate baskets full of toys, books and cloths and the cabinet fronts and baskets keep it all organized and hidden from view.


Ready, Set, School!

Much of the back-to-school mindset revolves around routine. Clearing clutter, streamlining the family routine and teaching children basic organizational skills are a few of the ways to find balance.

Try to create a paper management system for permission slips, books and papers. Try using a master family calendar in the kitchen. If their soccer schedules comes home, write the dates on the master calendar, and take the roster and put it in their folder. More into high tech options? Consider having a central docking location for an Ipad and download a free family organizer App available online. These organizers help you simplify and manage your family with a shared calendar, lists, text and email reminders, family journal and more.

Controlling Chaos: A Tidy Teen Study Center

A teen's desire to express oneself with photos, notes and keepsakes can overwhelm a study space. Fortunately, there are lots of rail systems available on the market such as these from Pottery Barn Kids to help teens organize themselves. Your social butterfly can keep her photos and keepsakes pinned up, but thanks to the slim design, they won't take over the wall. Another option is to hang a decorative memo board and use it to post inspirational things or photos and jewelry.


Reclaiming your space!

Are your kids all grown up and off to university? It is sad to see your teens go but now you have room to carve out your own little space in. How about a home office or den? Make it a space you want to spend time in by installing some custom cabinets and displaying items that are important to you; perhaps a series of family photos, or souvenirs from your last family trip. When planning your space consider how to use the walls, if its display shelves or blackboard walls or integrating a flat screen into custom millwork. Think of the full height of the walls and how to take advantage of this space.

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Polygon Interior Design

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