Polygon Homes is devoted to building strong, positive communities, not only through active contribution to the programs and services of Union Gospel Mission (an urban relief organization based in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside), but also through encouraging its own employees, clients and suppliers to get involved with the Mission’s life-changing programs.

Polygon Homes has been actively helping the Union Gospel Mission with their fundraising, sponsorship and volunteer efforts for the past 12 years.

With the intention of helping overcome poverty, homelessness and addiction in Metro Vancouver, Polygon enlisted Union Gospel Mission and its expertise in working with the community. As a result, every year Polygon organizes the “12 Days of Christmas Raffle,” a massive Christmas charity raffle run by a committee of employees who volunteer their time, raising over $100,000 each year and engaging thousands of community members to make a difference.

Since the initiative began 12 years ago, Polygon has raised over $1.18 million. Raffle proceeds have helped the Union Gospel Mission to establish a fleet of 14 vehicles, including a customized truck that allows the Mission to deliver donations of warm clothing and over 700 meals each day. To date, the Mission has helped more than 4,200 people with their “Mobile Mission,” connecting them to medical services, recovery programs and emergency shelters. These vehicles have allowed the Mission to extend its services beyond its four walls, providing hope and easing the burdens of the most vulnerable within the community.

Polygon’s fundraising efforts also fully fund the Eastsiders, an after‑school program for at-risk youth. Polygon’s sponsorship of this program provides a safe community for many at-risk children attending StrathconaElementary School to thrive in, to spend time with positive role models and to establish new friendships, all in a healthy, consistent environment. Polygon employees volunteer at special Union Gospel Mission meals and events, and volunteer to spend quality time with children in the Eastsiders program.

Source: The Office of the Prime Minister