With fall well underway we’re spending more time indoors. Here are some simple things you can do to brighten up your home and your spirits.

Classy Up that Tired Sofa.

On a rainy fall day, the best thing to do is to sink into a comfy couch, curl up in a blanket, and camp out. Try adding a Hermes blanket on your sofa or bed. It is an easy way to upgrade your bedroom or living room by giving it an instant touch of luxe.

Paint is out and Wallpaper is in!

I am not talking about the 80’s floral wallpaper. Try something bold and beautiful like a faux fur, tribal or ikat designed wallpaper. It will bring life to any mundane space.


Make a statement.

Let your stunning dining table become the conversation piece of your home. You can’t go wrong with the mid century classic Eeron Saarinen Tulip table or a one of a kind natural reclaimed wood table. Let your inner design diva come out and play!

House plants.

Glass terrariums are easy to maintain and can be stylishly displayed. You can put in rootless air plants, cacti, succulents and other unfussy greenery that grows in shallow soil. Visit the new West Elm store on South Granville for a larger selection.


Cabin Fever.

Bring the outdoor in. Faux animal décor and antlers are all the rage these days. Allow a grouping of them to become a focal point in a room, it will instantly add some whimsy to a space. And how about that old hand-me-down chair you got years ago? Try reupholstering it in a fun sophisticated plaid and bring it back to life.

Jade Kwok
Interior Designer

About me:
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“Logic gets you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere.” ~ Albert Einstein

Being an Interior Designer allows me to imagine and create exciting yet functional spaces. It is not only rewarding but fun as well. I strive to be different and creative with every chance I get.