Customer Service Reminder

Tori Hacking

Customer Service Coordinator

Moving in can be overwhelming and it's easy to forget some of the small but important details covered in your Home Owner Orientation. Here is a quick review on some commonly asked questions:

How do I ‘winterize’ my exterior hose-bibs?

If you live in a townhome and are trying to locate the exterior hose-bib shut offs in your home, there will be a separate shut-off point for the front, as well as for the rear of the home. Look in your mechanical room, as well as under the kitchen or bathroom sinks, to find these (labelled) shut-off valves. After shutting off, disconnect any hoses, open the valve and let any standing water drain.

How do I know when garbage day is, and where do I put my trash?

Make sure to ask your Property Manager for an up-to-date schedule and information regarding where and when to drop off your garbage and recycling. You can also access further information online through your local municipality’s website (e.g., the City of Richmond).

What are the ventilation fans in my unit for, and why are they important?

Ventilation fans (such as the bathroom and stove exhaust fans) are used to expel water vapour, unwanted smells, and air pollution from the home. They also help to prevent condensation issues from arising.

*Make sure to leave your bathroom fan on, with the bathroom door open, for a minimum of 30 minutes after showering.

Besides contacting Customer Service directly, where else can I find information about my home and the community I live in?

During your home orientation, our Field Managers will provide you with a Homeowners Manual that contains important contact information, as well as tips on how to care for and maintain your new home. The manual also includes a section on home warranties and how to contact customer service.

As always, should you have further questions, feel free to call the customer service hotline 604.877.1751 and we would be happy to assist you.