Construction 101 – Ventilation

Darren Cranston

VP Construction

Proper ventilation is important to provide a comfortable indoor environment and to reduce the potential for condensation from the increased interior moisture loads that result from activities such as bathing and cooking.

Your home has been designed to provide a minimum ventilation rate as required by the BC Building Code.

This is partly achieved with the use of an intermittent timed exhaust fan, usually found in the main bathroom. The timer that controls this fan is typically found inside the second bedroom closet.

Further, most of our homes are outfitted with a passive supply air duct that increases the fresh air input into your home. This is only required if a home has gas-fired appliances or heating systems, but we also provide them to electrically heated homes, as well as a means of increasing the amount of fresh air into the home.

What you can do to ensure indoor comfort:

  • Always ensure that your fan timer is set for at least two 4-hour operating periods per day. (Depending on your lifestyle, you may find it necessary to increase the frequency and duration)
  • Always ensure your supply air duct and grill are kept free of blockages
  • Ensure that your bathroom exhaust fans are switched on while bathing/showering
  • Use your kitchen range exhaust hood fan while cooking