Chancellor: Opening Sales Program

Chancellor Burnaby high-rise

As per an email sent this week to all who registered at Chancellor, due to extremely high levels of advance interest, earlier this week, we were required to implement a priority number system for our upcoming sales launch this Saturday. 278 numbers were distributed to the early line-up. The remaining numbers, to a total of 400, will be released  Thursday, April 14th at 3pm from our sales office at 4880 Bennett Street in Burnaby.

Please note we have been advised by the City of Burnaby that due to safety and traffic concerns people are unable to line up for remaining numbers any earlier than Thursday afternoon. Unfortunately, only those people issued numbers will be able to attend our opening day of sales this Saturday.

For those with numbers, the following is the program for this Saturday, April 16th.

What should I bring this Saturday?
1. The original copy of the number issued on-site by the Polygon representatives.
2. The ID you registered with to secure your number. (we will be verifying all numbers against the identification we have on file)
3. Your deposit (see below for deposit structure).

NOTE: in an effort to be fair to all, one number provides the opportunity to purchase only one home at Chancellor.

When should I arrive on Saturday, April 16th?
In an effort to ensure the best purchase experience for everyone and comply with the City's requirements we will be allowing visitors in sequentially by number on the following schedule.

Numbers 1-100 should arrive at 9am.
Numbers 101-200 should arrive at 11am.
Numbers 201-300 should arrive at 1pm.
Numbers 301-400 should arrive at 3pm.

We will do our best to move through the process in a timely manner while also to allow sufficient time for each visitor to come to a purchase decision with our sales team. As we will not proceed in advance of the above schedule, it is not necessary to arrive any earlier than the times noted above. Due to the limited space onsite and in our sales office, we are forced to restrict group sizes to two individuals only.

What is the deposit structure?
1. A $10,000 deposit will be required upon writing
2. Increase to 10% within 7 days
3. Increase to an additional 10%, for a total of 20%, within 90 days.

As a reminder for those without an assigned number starting Sunday, April 17th our office will maintain regular office hours from noon to 6pm daily except Friday.

A complete list of floorplans are now available here. Remember prices start at $379,900. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we are doing our best to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to find their new home at Chancellor. We look forward to seeing you.