The Benefits of New

Ben Taylor

Area Sales Manager

Not unlike the hair club, not only do I work for a real estate company, but I'm also a home owner... and my first foray into the world of real estate ownership happened to be with a newly developed condo.

Whether talking about textbooks, cars, or homes, some people are hesitant when it comes to things that are "new". I understand their reservations, and to be honest, I had some of my own ... all moot points once my wife fell in love with the display suite of our soon to be new home. Now three years after completion, I am happy to share with you some of the many benefits I have personally experienced by purchasing new.

First of all, the warranty period on new homes (including those built by a Polygon company) are extensive and comprehensive. This alleviated the stress of having to identify every single problem with the property before we signed on the dotted line – the warranty period gave us a buffer to discover any problems and have them fixed without the out of pocket cost, and with a brand new baby we were happy to have someone else look after any problems.

Moving in to all new contemporary appliances, furnishings and fixtures also meant that it didn't take much to make it our own, just a bit of paint and some accessories (candle holders mostly). Instead of pouring paychecks into updating dated styles of a previous owner, with just a little bit of time and money we were able to add a few finishing details to create a beautiful space that reflected our personal sense of style and décor.

As our family continued to grow with the birth of our second child, we took the opportunity to move to a bigger home. We hadn’t originally purchased the condo with the intention of using it as a rental property but given it was still fairly new and we weren't concerned about unexpected repairs creeping up we decided to keep it and rent it out... and because it is fairly new we were able to rent it for a good price to professional tenants.

So whether you are looking to buy your first home, an investment property or even to downsize now or in the future, from personal and professional experience, I can tell you it is worth considering a new home.