The Environment

A building finds its physical connection to the earth through its foundation; as such, our fourth Foundation provides the basis for initiatives that minimize the impact we have on our planet.

Within this Foundation, we have identified four pillars of the Polygon sustainability program. These pillars represent the four areas we believe can most effect positive change towards sustainable living.

a) Habitat and Natural Resources

It all starts with the selection of the best pieces of land. The next step is to ensure the sustainability of existing natural habitat and wildlife when planning roads, desired zoning, landscape design, and the layout and siting of each building. In the construction phase, the use of local and recycled material is used, where appropriate, in addition to extensive on–site recycling initiatives. Even in our interior design specifications we consider features such as recycling and waste separators in all kitchens so our homeowners can follow through with what we’ve started.

b) Energy Efficiency

It is our commitment and responsibility to carefully consider every opportunity we have to build homes that are more efficient in their use and conservation of energy. Some of the initiatives we are taking in this area include the specification of energy-rated appliances, the use of low-e glass on all new homes, and the exploration of alternate heating and power sources, including geothermal and solar heating systems.

c) Water Conservation

Urban development results in an increase in impervious areas (roads, driveways and buildings), which directly affects stormwater flow and in turn affects our natural streams and aquatic environments. Therefore, our greatest contribution to water conservation is in how we manage water at each site through large construction–related initiatives such as extensive stormwater management systems, oil and water separators in parkades, and drought–tolerant landscaping, and through interior specifications such as dual–flush toilets and low-flow faucets.

d) Corporate Governance

At Polygon, we believe that whatever we do in the field and whatever we encourage our homeowners to do must be equally practiced and supported in our corporate office. As a company, we endeavour to create opportunities and provide support for our employees to reduce their environmental impact. By switching to hybrid fleet vehicles, providing incentives to managers to switch their personal vehicles to a hybrid or diesel option, and encouraging all employees to use their subsidized public transit passes, we are taking steps to offset the impact of the transportation needs in our business. In addition, we are currently in the process of switching to a paperless office environment.