Building Technology

Polygon Construction Management Ltd. is the company responsible for overseeing the construction of every Polygon Home. Polygon’s New Generation buildings are designed and constructed for optimum performance and durability in our moist West Coast climate.

There are four key elements that make up the New Generation approach: building design, construction methodology, highly qualified tradespeople and professionals, and after-sales care and maintenance.


Climate–Sensitive Design

The focus of New Generation design is to develop buildings that are suitable for our local climate. New Generation design minimizes the number of points at which water could enter the building and allows water to drain off the building easily and naturally.

Umbrella Architecture

This is a simple design principle that works just as it sounds: acting as an umbrella, shielding the building envelope from the elements. Features including wide roof overhangs, sloped roofs and specially designed flashings, working together to keep water from accumulating on the building’s surfaces.

Rain–Screen Technology

A rain–screen is a protective barrier of drainage channels installed between the interior and exterior wall surfaces, allowing the building to shed water. The rain–screen acts both as a moisture break and an air space, preventing water from becoming trapped inside the walls, and making sure the frame dries completely after the water drains off.

Although umbrella architecture keeps most water off the building envelope, incidental moisture may sometimes get into the building envelope, for example, during a heavy wind-driven rainstorm. That’s where the rain–screen plays a vital role in protecting the building envelope.


Construction Methodology

As part of our New Generation program, Polygon created a stringent set of standards for building material selection, site testing, and inspections for both high-rise condominiums and low-rise condominiums. In the summer of 2000, Polygon worked together with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) to create a Quality Assurance Protocol that detailed what works best in building communities for our West Coast climate. These guidelines were put into practice on our first New Generation building, Greenwich on 5th, in Vancouver’s popular Kitsilano neighbourhood. This community proved to be a huge success and definitely set the new industry benchmark on how to build enduring quality homes that last.

To ensure that our New Generation designs were performing to our new exacting standards, Polygon undertook the task of completing comprehensive testing on Greenwich on 5th. This program included the removal of exterior components of the building, to enable us to visually observe and take moisture readings of building components that are hidden from view. These ongoing reviews have confirmed that the building envelope has continued to perform as intended.

Polygon has further dedicated its commitment to consumer peace of mind by opting to share this incredibly valuable information with other home–building professionals in efforts to raise the overall standard of industry building practices in the Lower Mainland.

Here are some of the important features of New Generation construction methodology:

  • Selection and testing of building materials
    Building materials are pretested and approved based upon their ability to protect against moisture penetration, and their capacity to dry out quickly after becoming wet. 
  • On–site testing
    Many elements of the building, such as wall and window assemblier, are mocked-up on–site and tested under intensive water pressure.
  • Quality inspections during construction
    Polygon development companies’ on-site quality control procedures and commitment to excellence were already renowned throughout the construction industry. Under the New Generation approach, our quality systems have been expanded and strengthened even more. Here are just a few examples:
    • Shop drawings are reviewed by the engineering consultants, architectural consultants, and building envelope consultants.
    • The building’s moisture content is monitored at regular intervals throughout the construction period.
    • Windows are installed and tested under the supervision of a building envelope consultant.
    • Polygon’s development companies use extensive quality assurance checklists to check that details of the building, from the airtight drywall components to the details of the building envelope, meet New Generation standards before being given final approval.


Qualified Tradespeople and Professionals

Polygon development companies take pride in using only the best tradespeople and professionals to build our New Generation buildings. Polygon’s development companies support and respect the expertise of these trades, giving any person working on–site the authority to suspend the work until the appropriate parties have been consulted and the matter has been resolved.


After-Sales Monitoring and Maintenance

Effective monitoring and maintenance are critical to a building's long-term durability. Each Polygon development company creates a customized maintenance program for its New Generation building, based on the particular design, construction materials and methods used. Once the strata council is in place, we work with the strata council and the property manager to implement the maintenance program.

Polygon Construction Management’s Building Envelope Manager, Greg Brewster, is responsible for the building envelope warranty obligations of each community within the first five years of coverage. Working closely with the development, construction and customer service teams, Greg ensures prompt identification and resolution of warranty issues with respect to design, products and quality.